Bluebird and Friends is a delightful book about four characters that set out to teach their friends about environmental issues.

While setting out on their day to the park, along the way they see their friends and meet new ones. Each character has their own unique characteristic.

My goal is to show our youth that you can be different and still be the same. One might have to wear eye glasses to see, another might have funny looking hair and have a gap in their teeth, but they all can be good friends.

The goal is to teach the children that even though we are different we can live together, eat together, play in the same park, and have fun. As well as, for them to love themselves, to love their community, and to love the planet earth.

Bluebird will show his love for family, diversity, how to handle bullying, and how to keep our planet earth clean and livable by recycling.

Welcome to Blue Birds & Friends