Bluebird and Friends is a delightful series of children books, which teaches pre-school and elementary school children about diversity, the value of friendships, being a team player, by utilizing the concept of recycling.

Ultimately, Bluebird and Friends will teach children about Love, the love of self, family, their community and our Planet Earth.

Life Lessons

FOREWORD Dear Readers: Desi Gordon, a father, son, grandfather, brother, uncle, and a husband. The author of “Insights Into The Male Mentality”, who further went on to write “Life Lessons”.  Proudly being his niece, I say, I can only aspire to have such an affectionate relationship he shares with his wife. Being the husband of seventeen years, to my…

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Author Desi Gordon

Bio Of Author Desi Gordon Author Desi Gordon was born on the beautiful Island of Jamaica. He was reared as a child first by his loving father Basil in the paradise town of Montego Bay, Jamaica. Later, at the age of 9 years old and throughout his formative years, he was raised by his Queen…

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Insights Into The Male Mentality

All women want to know what’s on their man’s mind. Why is he acting this way or why can’t he see things the way I do? Herein lies some insights into the most frequently asked relationship questions in women groups and social discussions about their men.  Articulated analytically through true stories examples and philosophical reasonings,…

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